Catch the last of the summer wildlife

Kid's Magnifying Glass & Insect Viewer

With all the summer flowers quickly disappearing, now is a good time to catch the last of the wildlife in your garden or in the park.

Our Children’s Magnifying Glass and Insect Viewer are great little gifts to encourage their curiosity of nature.  Watch the bees as they collect the last of the nectar, or pop a wiggly worm in the insect viewer for a closer look if you dare.

These can be used for getting a closer look at just about anything that’s small.

Here’s our top things to look out for:

  1. Bumble bees collecting nectar on flowers – can you see any nectar stuck to their fur?
  2. Ladybirds
  3. Butterflies
  4. Wiggly worms
  5. Dragonflies
  6. Hoverflies
  7. Spiderwebs
  8. Snails
  9. Frogs
  10. Animal footprints – hedgehogs, badgers, rabbits, deer

Placing a few piles of sticks around the garden will make sure that any wildlife will have a nice home for the winter and these are good places to have a peek with your magnifying glass when Spring comes around to see if you have any hibernating residents.


Happy wildlife watching!


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