Dress Up Vintage Style

Growing up, my sister and I loved nothing more than playing dress up and would excitedly raid gran’s closet for hats, necklaces, dresses and anything else that would make us feel like a fully fledged adult whenever we had the chance.

Most of the time we were swamped by the massive, grown up size of everything but that didn’t put us off – gran even bought an old wedding dress from a charity shop for £1 so that we could pretend we were Princess Diana after watching the Royal Wedding with awe….

When Gran’s closet wasn’t close to hand though, we lived for our paper dolls and would spend hours cutting out little outfits and planning what type of clothes we would wear when we were older.

So here is a snippet of our favourites that reminds us of our “must have” wardrobe from back in the day…

Find more on our Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/vintagetoysuk/paper-dolls/

Enjoy x
Vintage Paper Dolls Costimes

Vintage Paper Dolls

Vintage Paper Doll outfits


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