Subbuteo is back!

We’re buzzing here at Vintage Toys having taken stock of the new Subbuteo sets this week!

We loved Subbuteo as youngsters and are pretty happy that this has been updated for a new generation. Featuring new flexible players that are tough to break (handy when you stand on one by mistake!), the new Subbuteo has come a long way since it’s introduction back in 1947.

The first Subbuteo games included two cardboard team sheets and players had to be cut out by hand and inserted into the small plastic bases. A piece of chalk was also included to allow players to “draw” their pitch on old army blankets, which were in abundance after the war.

However, Subbuteo’s inventor Peter Adolph had a grand vision for the game and kept improving it until it resembled the game we know and love today. He encouraged players to set up leagues and competitions and brought out accessories to make everything more realistic.

Three dimensional figures were introduced in the 60’s and revolutionised the game due to the realistic, hand painted teams. With the introduction of the European Table-Soccer Federation’s (ETF) Europa Cup in 1964 and The Subbuteo World Cup in 1970, held in London’s Savoy Hotel, players could compete against other Subbuteo fans around the world and its growing popularity ensured new teams and improved player bases kept fans of the games excited.

Today, players can compete at home for fun, or join a league of their own. Tournaments are held throughout the world and you will find that the internet is a great resource for finding a competition or league with like minded Subbuteo fans near you.

We hope you enjoy playing Subbuteo as much as we have!

Find out more information on Subbuteo and UK Leagues:


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