Make your own Red Pom Poms for Red Nose Day!

pom pom 6

With Red Nose Day just around the corner, we’ve been making our very own Red Nose Pom Poms from wool and cardboard. Making something from scratch is always loads of fun and Pom Poms are no different!

To make your own Pom Poms, here’s our easy instructions:

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Wool
  • Circular guides – we used tape and a candle


  1. Pom Poms are made using two pieces of donut shaped pieces of cardboard. To start with, you will need to cut out two circles in your cardboard. Get your cellotape and draw around this on the cardboard so that you’re left with a circle. Repeat again so that you have two cardboard circles.pom pom 1
  2. Now you will need to get the holes in your cardboard circles. We used a tealight candle as a guide and drew around this. Once you have a circle in the centre of both pieces of cardboard, cut out the centre holes (adult supervision required for this bit!)pom pom 2
  3. Now you’re ready to make a pom pom! Place your two pieces of cardboard together and get your wool in a nice neat bundle (we used about 16 arm lengths of wool for making our pom pom). Start by threading your wool through the hole and securing with a knot. Carry on winding your wool through the centre hole and over the toppom pom 3
  4. Keep on weaving the wool around the cardboard discs until it is fully covered and secure with a knot at the end. We gave our pom pom two layers for extra fullness.pom pom 4
  5. Once you have covered all your cardboard with wool, now comes the tricky bit: hold the wooly cardboard securely as you cut through the edges. Your scissors should pass inbetween the two cardboard discs as you cut. Once you have cut around the outer edge, get an extra piece of wool and pull this between the two cardboard discs and tie securely with a knot. We used a piece of wool around 30 cm long so this could be used as a red nose and held in place over the ears.pom pom 5
  6.  Pull the two cardboard discs off from your wooly pom poms and trim off any extra pieces of wool that looks out of shape. Fluff up your pom pom to finish!pom pom 6
  7. Happy Crafting!

red nose day pom poms sm


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